Saturday, 21 June 2014

Thank You for Your Support

I'm happy that the first chapter we released was well received in spite of the mistakes in the English version. I knew we were lacking in the quality control, but I released it anyway, because I didn't want to wait any longer. Therefore we are still looking for some one to check the English  version. Until then we continue with our work and try our best.
The script of chapter 55 is back and typesetting is going smoothly. The raws for volume 6 are good, the raws for volume 7 and 8 are also usable, but the raws for volume 9 are crap. Unless some can provide better raws I fear I  will have to do the scans  by myself, but it will be a while until then.
I also updated the download section with the Scanlations from AzakuraHime because Mangatraders was hacked and is currently down. It is convenient to reach all chapters of Moon from one place, I think. 
This is the logo I made for our group, but fear not, I will not plaster it on every page of the manga I release.I seriously don't like such things and my aim is to make a scanlation that I would like to read myself.


  1. Hi and thank you for your work!
    I downloaded the raws some time ago from the following site and the quality is good even for vol 09. Here is the link:

    1. Thank you for your help, but unfortunately this raws are the same I already have and I can't use them. They cropped everything away they were to lazy to clean, even parts of the drawings and the result looks horrible. They butchered the entire volume. Therefore, definitely no.

  2. Hey there, I'd like to offer you my help. I can't do much as I have little time due to work, but I wouldn't mind doing some simple cleaning (no redrawing) and proofreading. I have minor experience in both.
    I can do proofreading in both English and German.