Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Coming soon!

A new project is ready to be announced,

but at first some words about MOON. I finally found a new proofreader for English, but unfortunately they have fallen ill and I have to wait 'till next weekend to make some progress. So in the meantime I am working  ahead and the next chapters are ready to go. I even got bored from making only little progress and started a new project:

'Love, Hate, Love.' by Yamashita Tomoko.

It's only one volume with five chapters and a bonus, translation and cleaning for the first chapter are done and the rest is well on the way.

Yamashita Tomoko is well known for her BL Manga but she can do a lot more. This is a Josei titel  about a 28 year old ballet dancer (!), who is dissatisfied with her current live and thinks about ending her career as a professional and doing all the things, she never could do before, like smoking, eating sweets and falling in love. She meets her neighbour, a 52 year old lazy college professor and from there on starts a complicated love story.
The translation will be in English and German as always and I hope you will like it.
(It may seem a bit pretentious to start a new project when the old one is still going too slow, but what the heck, I like Love, Hate, Love. and just wanted to do it)

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