Monday, 26 December 2016

Dance Subaru (2009)

A Christmas Present for you,

but, as it is with presents, some may like them, some don't. It's the movie made from the first part of Subaru Miyamotos story 'Dance! Subaru', the prequel to MOON. The movie is directed by Chi-Ngai Lee and further informations can be found on IMDb.
They made a lot of changes to the story, it's full of pop-music, the dancing isn't very good and all in all it's not a good movie but it is watchable, so if you want to see a different take on Subaru than in the manga, give it a try, if you can't bear it if someone is messing around with your favourite, leave it be.

I didn't do much myself, I just put together what I found, a russian cd-rip and english subs, added chapters and that's it.

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