Sunday, 28 May 2017

MOON v07 batch

Here we are again,

with some news for you. First of all, we are going on - I took a brake on this project the last couple of months but now we start again. First with a batch for volume 7. I made some minor changes to create a final version and bundled everything. Be aware that c71 only got a (v2) in the English version.

Next will be the second chapter of 'Love.Hate.Love', it's almost finished and than we will start releasing volume 8 from MOON.

Sorry for the delay, but that's how it is.

Have a nice day, the weather is fine and spring is in full bloom...


  1. THRILLED TO HEAR THAT THIS MANGA IS BACK!!! I hope your break was enjoyable. Thank you so much for continuing this. <3

  2. AHH I'm so happy that you guys decided to work on this project again! I love this manga so much and can't wait to read more chapters translated by you guys!